Top 10 Countries with Highest PMP Salaries

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Top 10 Countries with Highest PMP Salaries

A PMP Certification is worth more than $160k in Switzerland. As the PMP Salary worldwide continues to climb, Switzerland, Australia and Germany with few others in the list, offer six figure salaries to PMP project managers.

PMP Certification is the highest paying credential worldwide. As per the PMI Project Management Salary Survey – Seventh Edition, project management professionals’ salaries continue to rise high. The same survey reported that 30,000 project management professionals across 29 countries earn an average salary of $92,000. Other sources such as, a leading search engine for jobs provide the average salaries for PMP Professionals across the globe. Pulling out the source, here is a list of top 10 countries that pay the maximum to PMP professionals. One of the striking benefits of PMP Certification is that it ensures professionals, dramatic increase in salary and this is proven across these countries. Let’s have a look at the top 10 countries with highest PMP Salaries.

PMP Salary Graph Top 10 Countries with Highest PMP Salaries

1.       Switzerland – $160,409

Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world pays the maximum to its PMP certified credentials.  The land beholding sublime nature within its bosom and offering some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world is also a well-developed corporate city. It has the largest financial institutions in the world and is home to various flourishing multi-national companies. The pharmaceutical industry is equally thriving. Switzerland corporate world having more than 50 different nationalities demand effective leadership and management knowledge as a must requirement for project managers. Owing to this factor coupled with various others, PMP certification has emerged as one of the most demanded credentials within the country. A PMP Certified professional earns about $160,409 annual salary in Switzerland.

2.       Australia – $139,497

Australia having the 12th largest economy in the world, is the second in the list of countries with highest PMP salaries. The country known as the land of Golden Fleece is one of the most developed nations across the globe. With powerful organizations, flexible markets and effective economic policies, the country offer a stable platform towards solid business growth. From retail, media, financials to industrials, technology and telecommunications, every business sector is in a flourishing phase in Australia. Agile project management and SAP application are the most thriving sectors in the country. Amidst such a developing corporate world, project managers get ample opportunities to experiment, empower and rise up high in the corporate world. A PMP Certified professional earns about $139,497 annual salary in Australia.

3.       Germany – $110,347

Germany, the major political and economic power in the European Union and a leader in the field of technology, is the third in the list of top countries paying highest salary to PMP credential holders. Germany has survived the post 2008 recession well and this amplifies the strength of German economy. The manufacturing industry is the thriving industry of the country. German business structure considers a management board as the final decision making of policies within organizations. This signifies the demand of the country for skillful and knowledgeable project management professionals. Besides, after USA, start up culture finds its den in Australia thus offering project management professionals a chance to step ahead in their career of project management in the country. Owing the growing demand for skillful professionals, PMP certification holder earns high salary as compared to their non-credential peers.  A PMP Certified professional earns about $110,347 annual salary in Germany.

4.       The Netherlands – $109,775

The Netherlands, the country known for its beautiful beaches, canals and historical buildings is the fourth city paying highest salary to PMP certified professionals. A deep-rooted system of industrial democracy has been in existence from more than thirty years in the Netherlands. The Netherland business culture follows a team approach towards business and project managers need to be capable enough to hold the team together and pull in the strength out towards successful projects. Thus, project managers get a challenging project environment to learn and grow in the Netherlands. Besides, the country pays their project managers well. The average annual salary of PMP certified professionals in the Netherlands is $109,775.

5.       Belgium – $108,750

Belgium, the country popular for diamonds, chocolates and beer is the fifth country offering highest PMP salary. The country is majorly contingent on international trade and foreign investment. The business culture in Belgium considers a strong leader and thus the corporate world demands for strong and effective project management leadership in the country. Project managers need to be aware of the functional areas and must have clear views on direction and goals. Belgian corporate works amidst a mix of inclusiveness and management by direction and thus offers project managers a challenging role to play and adjust. The country also pays off well to its project managers. The average annual salary of PMP professionals in Belgium is $108,750.

6.       United States – $105,000

Unites States of America, the federal constitutional republic consisting of 50 states and a federal district is the most popular country in the world. Be it business, landmarks, people, culture, buildings, places and cities, US is witnessing success across all these sectors. In the US, companies exist in its own rights and exist independently. The information technology is thriving in the states. US business culture finds its base on great leadership. Great leadership is expected at the top of an organization rather than competent leadership. Besides, USA has the maximum scope for start ups thus offering project managers ample opportunities to manage and learn effective management and great leadership in the country. The country allows PMP professionals earnings of about $105,000 annually.

7.       Ireland – $101,635

Ireland, the green country famous for its traditional Irish culture, food and drink beholds a developing corporate world within its haven. Soon after joining the European community in 1973, Ireland developed a modern economy. Over the years, the country saw unprecedented economic growth followed by mass immigration. Irish corporate world follows a flat hierarchy where managers are expected to play the role of a coach motivating and supporting the team members alongside towards successful project delivery. Project managers get a chance to develop a flourishing career in the country amidst thriving finance industries and multinationals. The country offers PMP professionals the scope of earning about $101,635 annually.

8.       Canada – $98,517

Canada, the country of multiculturalism has one of the most flourishing IT industry and a vibrant corporate culture. The land witnessing heavy immigration of professionals reflects the ample opportunities that the country offers in learning, developing and earning in Canada. Canadian corporate world is witnessing a transformation of business structure from traditional to flat hierarchical structures. Managers are expected to have the capability of utilizing the resources which is the team towards better project experience and results. Communication, time management and stakeholder management are the major specializations that the country looks out for. A project manager thus has ample scope to develop amidst challenging project environment along with earning an average salary of about $98,517.

9.       United Kingdom – $96,384

United Kingdom, the country famous for people, places, food and culture is a leader in science and technology. British management demands for soft relationship yet effective leadership from project managers. Communication being one of the must skills in management, non-British managers finds a challenging atmosphere to survive. From banking to healthcare and information technology, UK witnesses a growing business structure. Besides, the country has witnessed in the recent years the thriving phase of UK start ups. Project managers have ample scope to develop and grow in the country along with a chance to earn about $96,384, the average annual salary for PMP professionals in the UK.

10.   New Zealand – $91,901

New Zealand, the land of islands and beautiful landscapes behold a flourishing business world within its heart. The country being one of the easiest countries to do business is home to host of start ups, medium size and multinationals. The country witnesses thriving phase across investment, scientific and technology, trade and so on. Managers are expected to work out effective leadership amidst New Zealand’s corporate culture. The country also pays off well to its project managers, the average annual salary of PMP professionals being $91,901 in New Zealand.

These are the top 10 countries with highest PMP salaries. Beyond these 10 countries, PMP Credential earns more in other nations as well compared to the non-credential peers. To move ahead in the corporate ladder and witness dramatic salary, project managers can opt for project management training towards attaining a PMP Certification. To know more about PMP Certification training online and classroom workshops, please visit Simplilearn’s PMP Certification Training course page. Achieve a PMP Certification and witness great career prospects and better earnings.

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