Cloud Entities: Cloud Computing Certification Training

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Cloud Entities: Cloud Computing Certification Training

Cloud entities are important aspects of cloud computing services. There are various actors involved in cloud computing services and these actors are termed as cloud entities. Before entering into the understanding of cloud entities, let’s first understand about an actor. An actor is an entity that participates in a particular aspect of cloud computing. Now let’s move ahead with the various types of actors involved in cloud computing.
Provider: A Provider is usually an organization that makes services available for a customer. It manages the required infrastructure and capabilities to deliver service to the customer. The capabilities vary based on the type of cloud service the provider delivers.
Consumer: A Consumer is an entity that intents to use the service from the provider to solve a business problem. The Consumer is able to access the provider’s service either through Web or API. A cloud consumer is charged on the basis of Pay-as-you-Go model for the service used.
Broker: A Broker is an intermediary that works on the behalf of Cloud consumer to deal with the provider. It helps the consumer to architect the right system on a cloud provider, and assists in all activities of a provider and consumer.
Auditor: An Auditor is an entity that examines the cloud service to verify its standard regulations and practices. The auditor also evaluates the provider based on various factors. This includes SLA, Security assessment, Data Privacy, availability and performance.
Carrier: A Carrier manages the connectivity between the provider and consumer. The Carrier is usually a provider that maintains the transport channel required for service consumption. Example of carrier is a telecom provider.
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