Being Flexible Can Be A Boon: Change Management

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Being Flexible Can Be A Boon: Change Management

“Change is the only constant…” goes the proverb we have heard often in our lives. As humans, right from birth till now, when we are reading this article, just think back how much change we have undergone. Be it at a personal or professional level, change always leaves an impact on us, and what is important is the adaptability to change. Risk and instability has always been prevalent in our work life, but with workplaces becoming hyper-competitive, it has become way more uncontrolled for each of us.

Change may denote new technologies, changing corporate structures and changing job requirements to career demand adaptability of individuals. Responding positively to change can pave the way to success in our career. Flexibility and adaptability, be it in our personal or professional life, always opens up ways to new learning and building of new skills. Moreover, it also makes work interesting. It is important to accept the fact that things will change, at times for better or at times for tough situations. But a wise person is he who understands this and in order to adapt to those changes, keeps him well-informed of latest technologies, developments and products. Change can always be seen as an opportunity for innovation. A few pointers are stated here which show change in positive light. I came across these while I was trying to adapt to certain professional life changes myself.

  • Be-open, Be-Flexible:  Being open minded is a boon. You may be changing your job or you may be experiencing change at your current workplace. Regardless of your line of profession, certain aspects are prone to change. Like management, technology, expectations, policies or as a whole change in the company culture. It is human tendency to resist change but the resistance should not be so strong. One needs to be open-minded and flexible. Every employer looks for flexibility as one of the traits in their employees. Rigid individuals can never climb the career ladder as they lack adaptability.
  • Recognize the Stages of Change: Change always occurs in stages. No change is sudden. It is important to recognize the changes and the stages as well, so that you are yourself well prepared ahead of time. However, all the stages may not occur, or the amount of time involved may vary. However, the quicker the acceptance of this, the better for us.
  • Be Versatile: Being versatile and being flexible is very closely related. One should be well versed about the different skill sets needed within your own vocation. Cultivate skill sets which demonstrate your ability to accommodate the demands of work.
  • Open Communication: Communication has always been seen as an important factor. But open communication is always important, when there is a change. Rather than not communicating and waiting to see how the change affects us, it is always advisable to communicate openly with your manager or peers who have already undergone changes in the past. Their experience will always be handy and this can prepare you well and help in adaptability as and when the change hits you.
  • Self-Assessment: Do a SWOT analysis for yourself. What are your strengths, where do you need to improve? By understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, you can prepare well ahead of time and be prepared for the change.

Chayanika G Being Flexible Can Be A Boon: Change ManagementChayanika is PR Associate Manager at She has done M.Phil in Women’s Studies and is pursuing Phd in the same field. She handles the PR and marketing communication activities of the organization. She maintains cordial relations with the clients, potential clients, media, top management, and employees.

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