Content Marketing – An Overview

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Content Marketing – An Overview

Content marketing is a method employed by most of the business organizations and publications for reaching out to their target audience. Brands are now creating content that is extremely useful for their readers. Engaging content such as video campaigns, e-books, interviews, webinars, stories, viral posts and blog posts contribute to a company’s successful content marketing campaign. This strategy has usually proven to be more effective for reaching out to people as compared to splashing ad content over the web.

Content Marketing is the process of creating helpful content for a particular audience in order to instigate a specific outcome. Here, the content is created by mapping the informational needs of the target audience during their journey from awareness to purchase or advocacy.

According to a survey conducted by CMO Council and NetLine, marketers are now spending over 25% of their budget on the development, delivery as well as promotion of the content. The chief objectives of content marketing include:

  • Driving the business leads
  • Influencing customer markets and
  • Growing the brand presence

Here are some of the major techniques used in content marketing that have an impact on organic search.

1.       Quality content is always better than more content – SEO’s feel creating MORE content is the best method to increase organic search. However, this is a flawed understanding of most marketers. This flawed approach has gained momentum due to excessive promotions executed by internet marketers.
2.       Clearly Defined targets – Identify your target audience and evaluate their concerns. Now, design a method to address these concerns. This would help in winning the trust factor of your target audience. As a result, the audience who learn from you will now buy from you.
3.       Well-Focused Conversion Objectives – If the content is centered on conversion goals, then your target buyers will surely become playing customers.
4.       Right Points of Contact – The next step is to decide on initiating conversations with the target buyers. Here, establishing clear points of contact is extremely important for making your target audience receptive for your content offerings. It is always better to consider the context of the buyers while selecting the mode of contact.

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Content is undoubtedly the present and the future of marketing. Useful content has always been the core of content marketing. The sole purpose of content marketing is to drive and retain customers by creating valuable and relevant content consistently. In other words, it is an art of communicating to your target audience without selling. Here, we provide valuable information about the industry and their relevant interests without selling our products directly.

avyakta Content Marketing   An OverviewAvyakta is an MSc graduate and a professional writer in the domain of learning and education. She is currently working as an author with Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd. She has previously worked with a publishing house and e-commerce firm. She has an experience of 3 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Project Management, IT, Finance, SAP, Quality Management and more.


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