Program Life Cycle: PgMP Certification Training

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Program Life Cycle: PgMP Certification Training

Program Life Cycle is one of the most important concept in program management and a must study for professionals looking forward towards attaining a PgMP Certification. A PgMP Certification demonstrates a professional’s competency to oversee multiple, related projects and their ability to achieve strategic business goals in the PgMP Exam.

Program Life Cycle

A program life cycle involves the entire life cycle of a program ranging from its design to implementation and management phase. There are different phases in a program life cycle, namely as below.

  • Design Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Maintenance Phase

Design Phase

The design phase is the first stage in program life cycle. It involves creation of drawing, algorithm or blueprint for a program.

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase is the second stage in program life cycle. In this stage, the design created in the design phase is implemented. Here, the actual program is created.

Maintenance Phase

This is the final phase in program life cycle. Unlike other phases, this phase keeps continuing. In this phase, modification or any type of extension is added to the program towards betterment.

Example of Program Life Cycle:

The design to build a house is created in the design phase along with budget and loan is estimated. The building structure is implemented in the implementation phase. The house is actually built. And in the maintenance phase, anything that is required to enhance the infrastructure or anything related to the house is requires is added. Also the maintenance that is required to manage the house is done at regular intervals.

Thus, these are the three important phases in a program life cycle. To know more about program life cycle and related concepts, you can visit Simplilearn’s PgMP Certification training page. Simplilearn offers intense PgMP certification classroom training with expert trainers in your city. Explore more and move ahead in your career with a PgMP Certification.

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