Process Capability Analysis: Minitab with Statistics Training

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Process Capability Analysis: Minitab with Statistics Training

Process capability analysis is a major concept and a must study for professionals looking forward having a firm knowledge on Minitab with Statistics. Minitab is a popular tool that allows one to perform various statistical calculations such as normality test, process capability analysis and so on. Let’s discuss about the same in this post.
What is Process Capability Analysis?
Process capability is the ability to produce products or provide services that meet specifications defined by the customer’s needs. As for example: a bottle manufacturer requires that the cap of the bottle should require between 10 and 30 unit of Torque to open the cap of the bottle. Capability analysis reveals how well the manufacturing process meets these specifications, and provides insight into how to improve the process and sustain the improvements.

Steps to Conduct Process Capability Analysis in Minitab
Capability analysis Process Capability Analysis: Minitab with Statistics TrainingStep 1: Go to File menu, click on

Step 1: Go to File menu, click on Open Project and then load the required data.
Step 2: Go to Start menu, move to Quality Tools and then to Capability Analysis.
Step 3: From the dropdown menu, select Normal or Non Normal analysis based on whether your distribution is normal or non-normal
Step 4: Click on non-normal (or normal), enter the details required for conducting the capability analysis and then click Ok.
Once we click ok, Minitab generates the process capability in a separate window.
To know more about Process Capability Analysis using Minitab, you can explore Simplilearn’s training courses on Minitab with Statistics. Simplilearn offers 100% Minitab onlinecourse on Minitab with Statistics.

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